Automatic Voltage Regulator

AVR CBM Series


  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Compact Design for Computers and Office Equipments
  • Internet/Modem Surge Protection (RJ45)
  • 4 x British Socket c/w Safety Shuttle
  • Regulated Output Voltage Meter
  • Digital Display for Operating Status Indication
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker for input protection

AVR 3UK Series


  • Wide Input Voltage Range for Regulation
  • Multiple Outlets (3) with Safety Shuttle
  • Excellent Output Voltage Regulation and Stability
  • Fast Response for Voltage Fluctuation
  • Built-in Thermal Protection for Transformer
  • Internet/modem Surge Protection (RJ11)



  • Large Transformer Capacity
  • Automatic Motorized Output Regulation up to 3% ( SDC series) for Buck and Boost of Input Source
  • Automatic Time Delay Function
  • User Friendly Resetable Breaker for Input Protection
  • Built-in Surge/Spike Protection
  • Over-current & Thermal protection
  • Digital Input / Output Meter for User friendly monitoring ( 3KVA and Above)

Power Line Conditioner


  • Microprocessor Controlled for precise monitoring and output control
  • Multi-Stage-Fail-Safe Design to achieve redundancy and reliability
  • High System efficiency
  • Fast Correction time for Output. <0.1
  • Bulit-in Automatic Bypass
  • Modular System design ease maintenance
  • Individual Phase control for individual load handling
  • Intelligent Soft-start to regulate the output
  • Built-in Cascading-transformer Protection
  • Option-Isolation Transformer for Output
  • Optional EMI filter for Noise Filterling

International Standard Certificate